Intellectual Property (IP) and cultural heritage

Creativity, Innovation and Technology-transfer

Trademark Registration and Enforcement

You want to register or enforce your trademark in Italy or Europe; you are licensing your patented technology to an Italian partner, or you are a licensee of an Italian company.

Creative Rights Protection

You are a composer who discovered that somebody copied one of your hits; you are a painter looking to engage with an Italian art gallery. You need to act fast against an Italian competitor free-riding on your proprietary technology or claiming that you counterfeited theirs. You are in the right place. We are not only experts in IP; we are enthusiastic about it!

Negotiation and Contract Management

We handle negotiations and contracts, including complex and international ones, for the commercial exploitation of proprietary or third-party intangible assets and for the settlement of IP infringement disputes. Whether you are starting up a new venture based on innovation or enforcing an established IP portfolio, we can support you with tailor-made services that balance your investments in IP rights and need for legal certainty.

Diverse Industry Experience

We have enforced, defended, and licensed intellectual property rights in various economic sectors, including traditional and digital publishing, music production, and event organization, as well as manufacturing, energy, software, fashion, interior design, and spirits. Recently, we successfully defended employees of a large Austrian-based manufacturing company against trade secrets misappropriation claims in court. Additionally, we enforce our client’s design rights at industry fairs in Italy and abroad against free riders ready to litigate until wrongs are made right. Last but not least, we manage the IP portfolio of an AI-based music streaming service scaling up in international markets.

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