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Who We Serve

Chances are that whoever is reading this page is not a company looking for assistance but rather is the company’s legal consultant looking for a good match for her own clients. We advise colleagues and their clients in several jurisdictions. In fact, we work – on a continuous or spot basis, it depends – with many law firms all around the globe (inbound and outbound). Just take a look at all the firm’s areas of expertise.

Expertise in Comparative Law

We are also comparative law experts and can present aspects of Italian law in a way that is understandable in other jurisdictions and legal systems. This is particularly helpful when a point of Italian law arises in a dispute abroad and you need to clarify that to yourself, the other party, or the court.

Global Legal Influence

Our case history is broad and worldwide; among others, we have been specifically appointed to provide expert opinions on Italian law in proceedings and/or we appeared as experts in judicial proceedings in the U.S. (specifically California), Spain, France, Greece, and England. We also appeared as experts of foreign law before Italian courts and Giacomo was appointed by the Court of Appeals of Florence as an expert on foreign law in two different proceedings.

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